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June 03, 2015
3 min read

Online Taxi Service - A Typical Use Case of EDA

Event-driven architectures (EDAs) are sometimes called messaging systems. A message is simply an event or vice versa, an event becomes a message. The concept of an event-driven system is that everything that could benefit is notified of these events simultaneously and as soon as possible. Thus, the earliest real-time event driven systems came up with the notion of publish/subscribe. An online taxi service is a typical use case of EDA; it has several applications that all talk directly to an ESB hub in the cloud or an API management service that deliver messages in real time between interested parties. As illustrated here, a message broker is added for queueing and creating a publish subscribe framework in the backend infrastructure. This allows a new pickup to alert several support services and tracking. There’s also an API store for external developers who want to integrate the Ufer service into their apps, making it easier to arrange pickups or drops from any location. WSO2 offers a full suite of open source components for both event-driven SOA architectures and web services architectures to implement highly scalable reliable enterprise grade solutions. WSO2 is one of the only vendors that can deliver all components of the EDA and Web services  architectures. WSO2 is also open source and built to be enterprise grade throughout.