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Introducing WSO2 Gateway Framework - A Slight Change in Course Post Alpha Release

  • Zaithoon Bin Ahamed
  • |
  • Director Corporate Communications - WSO2
  • |
  • 24 Apr, 2016

In November 2015, we announced a high performance, lightweight, and configuration-driven message gateway - WSO2 Gateway - based on standard gateway patterns. We made available an Alpha version with a plan to announce general availability this year. This product provides fully decoupled protocol handling layers and message processing layers, making it easier for users to configure messaging behavior at each layer independently.

A few months later, and as we progressed with our GA release plan, we realized there was a broader need and changed our strategy to instead use this component as a framework for all WSO2 integration-based products: the gateway framework will become the core of other gateways, such as the API gateway of our API management offering, and power the next generation of our enterprise service bus.

The original gateway code is still accessible on GitHub.