September 09, 2019
3 min read

WSO2 Integration Studio - NexGen Tooling to Create Your Integration Solutions

Image credits: Oleg Magni via Pexels

The WSO2 Integration team has now introduced WSO2 Integration Studio, which is WSO2’s revamped graphical development environment for you to create and manage your integration solutions. You can use this new tooling environment to build your integration solutions, which you can then deploy on WSO2 Integration Cloud or WSO2 Enterprise Integrator and make available to multiple users.

WSO2 Integration Studio is a drag-and-drop graphical development environment, which aims at helping developers to easily build and deploy container-native integration solutions. With the new tooling environment, you will see an improved look and feel for the tool palette and development canvas, better utilization of screen space, support for runtime validation of code, reduced number of clicks and configuration steps, etc.

WSO2 Integration Studio provides the following capabilities to enrich the overall developer experience:

  • Built-in project templates to help you get started with the most prominent integration use cases.
  • IntelliSense, which enables context-aware code completion.
  • Seamless experience to deploy integration artifacts into WSO2 Integration Cloud.

Start using our revamped tooling today to experience its superior graphical developer experience while exploring all the improvements we have introduced.