9 May, 2022 | 3 min read

Delivering Value from Developers to CxOs

  • Kanchana Wickremasinghe
  • VP & Product Manager Choreo Data Plane - WSO2

Recent events over the past two years have shown that delivering enhanced digital experiences is critical for business success. The ability to innovate fast is now the differentiating factor that determines whether a business is a leader or a follower. Within this context, we’ve seen that companies with successful and agile digital initiatives have thrived, while those that were ill equipped have fallen behind or even gone out of business as highlighted in this keynote by Global Futurist, Anders Sorman.

CxOs have realized the need to adapt faster and deliver digital experiences quickly, easily, and securely. However, while the shift to the cloud has enabled agility, it has also made things more complicated. This has held back most companies, but it has also led others to build their own platforms to provide better digital services and products. 

Today, CxOs are usually looking to:

  • Deliver digital experiences quickly, easily, and securely
  • Manage a portfolio of systems
  • Improve governance, prevent the proliferation of shadow IT, and promote re-use
  • Improve ROI and reduce TCO

Working in the cloud has also made the lives of enterprise and solution architects more complicated. For example, teams must now deploy integration systems and any relevant components in the application architecture in containers and create applications using microservices architecture patterns that are distributed across a wide number of nodes. 

Architects need solutions that:

  • Simplify the complexity
  • Support API-led design, development, and integration 
  • Bring consistency to design, deploy, and manage applications securely and reliability at scale

At the same time, developers have realized the need to focus on business outcomes and be more productive, vs. spending all their time on infrastructure and building platforms. They’ve also come to realize the importance of flexibility versus speed. 

Developers are looking to:

  • Make their lives as easy and productive as possible by focusing only on what truly matters. This means not wasting time with setting up and operating supporting tools and infrastructure (starting with repos, CI/CD, environments, etc.).
  • Have an environment that is “always on”, enabling the sharing of services and APIs so they can reuse them to become more efficient and productive.

This is why the teams at WSO2 keep innovating and building platforms that enable our users to achieve business outcomes faster.

Choreo, our digital platform-as-a-service (PaaS), helps you to:

  • Take your enterprise application idea from conceptualization to deployment and operate it at scale
  • Manage a collection of these portfolios of applications with full reusable capabilities for efficient execution and complete governance
  • Collaborate with Asgardeo, our SaaS-based customer identity and access management (CIAM) offering, to incorporate user identity and personality to enable an impressive and personalized digital experience for these applications

While we innovate and continue to bring emerging technologies and architecture patterns in our new platforms, we are also investing and innovating our open-source API management solutions. We believe modern enterprise IT environments are not bound purely to a SaaS, public cloud, a private cloud, or on-premises.

This, in turn, allows organizations to:

  • Easily deploy, manage, and operate APIs, integrations, and services either on-prem, or in a private cloud.
  • Adopt new protocols, technologies, analytics, etc., so that you are up-to-date on the latest trends.
  • Easily connect with the cloud and have a true hybrid application/solution.

We’re excited to walk with you in your digital journey and help you innovate and succeed, and strongly encourage you to try out Choreo, today.