30 Aug, 2022 | 3 min read

How Partnering with Microsoft Helps WSO2 Achieve Our Cloud-First Vision

  • Alok Bardiya
  • Consultant - WSO2

With the global increase in digital adoption, our customers must build better digital experiences for their own customers to stay relevant. There are, however, many underlying components that need to be stitched together and maintained before an organization can start building digital experiences. This process is complex and time consuming, and there are very few organizations that have the capabilities to do so.

WSO2’s goal has always been to continuously deliver new and innovative products that generate value and solve real-world problems for its customers. Thus, we made a strategic decision to become a “cloud-first” organization that generates value by providing customers with cloud native products that take away all these complexities. We want to ensure that our customers only need to focus on quickly building awesome digital experiences, and not worry about any of the complexities that come with it.

WSO2 places great emphasis on strategic partnerships. We believe that strong partnerships, both on the technology and business side, help create win-win situations and have been a key reason for the technology industry to grow and evolve. The right partner can have a significant positive impact on a company. They can provide access to new customers, new markets, new technology, other partners, and more. These are all factors that eventually contribute to a company’s top and bottom line, helping grow the business. With WSO2 now being a cloud-first company building its next generation of innovative cloud native products, it was important that we built a strategic partnership with an industry-leading cloud provider that we could collaborate with to build these products, achieve our cloud-first vision, and take them to market together. 

Joining Hands with Microsoft

Microsoft is one of the strongest and largest cloud providers in the world. We've been working on a close partnership with this global giant for several years, and were delighted to announce our strategic partnership with Microsoft and that we are leveraging the Microsoft Azure platform for our new cloud native offerings, including Choreo, our digital platform-as-a-service (Digital PaaS), and Asgardeo, our identity-as-a-service (iDaaS) solution. We're excited to work closely with Microsoft to take these products to market together globally. Both sides see this as a long-term partnership that can add significant value to our customers by increasing their speed of innovation, leading to an acceleration in their overall digital transformation.

WSO2’s products help:

  • Abstract away the complexities of setting up and running on the Azure cloud, which makes it easier for Microsoft to grow their Azure customer base.
    • Choreo leverages multiple Azure services under the hood, and provides these in one complete pre-integrated package, so that joint customers of WSO2 and Microsoft can quickly get started on Azure, enjoy all the benefits of running on the cloud, and not worry about its complexities.
  • Increase developer efficiency and reduce time to market, which enables customers and Microsoft partners to build more digital products in less time.

Working closely with Microsoft provides:

  • Collaborative go-to-market opportunities that leverage Microsoft’s regional and global sales and partner networks, including making WSO2 products available on the Azure marketplace. While Choreo is already available, Asgardeo will follow suit shortly.
  • Direct access to, and support from, Azure product teams to assist with the architecture and development of Choreo and Asgardeo.
  • Collaboration to extend the capabilities and community around Ballerina, the open-source language designed and developed by WSO2 that radically simplifies how developers build and deploy cloud native applications.

The decision we took to become cloud-first ensures that WSO2 is well positioned during these challenging times. We have an exciting future ahead as we continue to generate value for our customers while growing our own business, and we will continue to work closely with Microsoft to strengthen our partnership and ensure that it has a key role to play in our future growth.