November 22, 2020
3 min read

WSO2 API Cloud Documentation Gets a Brand New Look and Feel

The WSO2 Cloud team is excited to announce the launch of our brand new documentation, which is now open source and on GitHub.

With our goal set to make WSO2 API Cloud documentation intuitive and easy to explore, we believe that our latest documentation site along with its new visual style and improved information architecture will help all our users to easily find the information they are looking for.

The following is a brief roundup of the improvements we have made to provide a better documentation experience to all our users.

  • We wanted to make our documentation open to welcome community contributions. As a result, we started using MkDocs to build our new documentation site and the documentation source files are written in markdown. Hence you can simply click the edit icon on any page on the documentation site to make a contribution.

    We have also given you the option to report documentation issues whenever you come across unclear sentences, typos, or any other improvement suggestion with regard to content on a particular page. You can simply click the Report Issues button on the right side of the page you are on, and then share your feedback in the new issue that gets created.

Stay tuned for a detailed blog on how you can contribute to WSO2 API Cloud documentation by reporting issues and sending in PRs with suggested changes.

  • When it came to the documentation homepage, we felt it could use a facelift. Therefore, we came up with a new homepage design to highlight and provide links to the most popular content that many of you have been exploring. Our new documentation homepage can guide any user who comes with a use case in mind to easily find the information they are looking for either via the landing page tiles or the top bar menu items.
  • We felt that our previous documentation was not providing a good navigation experience to users because important topics were hidden under multiple levels in the left navigation. To overcome this in our new documentation site, we made necessary changes to the layout and organization of documentation pages to ensure navigation is more intuitive.

The new documentation site has a layout where the high-level menus across the top bar puts together related content that you can browse via the left navigation to quickly explore information depending on what you want to do.

For example, if you are a new user looking to get started, you will intuitively click Get Started on the top bar to explore the topics on the left navigation.

  • It is our priority to help our new customers to quickly get started with our product. We understood that the best way to help our new customers is to ensure that we answer the early questions that they generally have, such as:
    • What can WSO2 API Cloud do?
    • How do I create a WSO2 API Cloud account?
  • We realized that the best way to answer these questions without overwhelming our new customers was to have a quick start guide. So we’ve introduced a quick start guide that anyone can follow to quickly design, publish, and invoke an API via WSO2 API Cloud. We also linked off to this guide via the homepage because it is an important piece of content that we need to give prominence. 

    We hope that our new documentation site, which is now much faster, intuitive, and easily searchable, provides a better overall documentation experience to all stakeholders.

    We also want to let you know that improving documentation is an on-going process and our documentation team is working on many future improvements to provide a more consistent experience across the documentation site.

    Stay tuned for more updates as we have plans to roll out significant improvements to make your documentation experience even better.

    Image by Jason Goh from Pixabay