20 Jan, 2021 | 3 min read

WSO2 Partner Awards 2020: Recognizing Our Extended Family for a Job Well Done

  • Pulasthi Samaraweera
  • Associate Director - WSO2

In December 2019, when we ended the financial year, we were hopeful for 2020. We had an idea how 2020 would, or rather should look like. But then came Covid-19! We had to think fresh and be creative in how we drive our business forward. 

But one thing that remained unchanged was our focus on our partner network. By the time the world accepted a new norm, we had introduced a new-look tier-based partner program that maps the partner status directly to revenue achievements and certifications. We started redefining our corporate message from being an integration company to an integration and identity product vendor. We made adjustments to the program to make it profitable for both WSO2 and our partners equally. 

Today, when we look back at 2020, we are thankful to our partners who stood by us, accepted the changes we introduced, and more importantly, pulled up their socks and completed the best year the WSO2 partner program has seen.

  • In 2020, our partners brought in $15.45M worth of ARR (Annual Recurring Revenue), which is a 40% growth from 2019.
  • They brought in over 60% of the 139 new logos we won in 2020.
  • Our partners achieved 437 new WSO2 certifications globally in 2020, which is a growth of more than 200%.

While doing all that, we were named a Leader in API management solutions and a Strong Performer in Customer Identity and Access Management solutions by Forrester. WSO2 Identity Server was also named an Overall Leader in the KuppingerCole leadership compass in 2020.

This year, we aligned our awards to recognize the significant accomplishments our partners had achieved around the globe. We awarded 12 different awards, including 4 top partner of the year awards and 4 emerging partner of the year awards. We also introduced an IAM partner of the year award, an integration partner of the year award, and a WSO2 executive’s choice award. We looked at new ARR, renewals, churn, new logos, case studies brought in, breaking into new countries or territories, and certifications and co-marketing activities when evaluating 2020 accomplishments.

 WSO2 Partner Award Winners for FY-2020

  • Top Partner of the Year 2020 (Americas) - Tecnisys 
  • Top Partner of the Year 2020 (Europe) - Yenlo
  • Top Partner of the Year 2020 (Middle East & Africa) - DeArx Services.
  • Top Partner of the Year 2020 (Asia Pacific & ANZ) - LTI
  • Emerging Partner of the Year 2020 (Americas) - 3Insys
  • Emerging Partner of the Year 2020 (Europe) - Trencadis Corp SRL
  • Emerging Partner of the Year 2020 (Middle East & Africa) - RealiTech
  • Emerging Partner of the Year 2020 (Asia Pacific & ANZ ) - PharosInfo
  • Partner deal of the Year 2020 - Inetum ( formerly GFI/RealDolmen ) for Madrid Digital 
  • WSO2 Executive’s Choice award for 2020 - Chakray
  • WSO2 Identity & Access Management Partner of the Year 2020 - Profesia
  • WSO2 Integration Partner of the Year 2020 - Yenlo

While we congratulate this year’s award winners, we take this opportunity to thank our entire partner community for their hard work and commitment during 2020. We will continue to support you and work with you closely in 2021 as well. 

Stay positive and test negative!

To learn more about our partner program, or become a WSO2 partner, please visit our partner page here.