11 Apr, 2023 | 3 min read

WSO2 Partner Awards 2022: Creating Shared Success Quickly, Easily, and Securely!

  • Pulasthi Samaraweera
  • Associate Director - WSO2

The dawn of 2022 came with much hope, not just for the technology industry but for the entire world. Despite the pandemic's challenges, people and businesses had learned to coexist with it, and many countries had successfully defeated it in a variety of ways. Yet, there were challenges. Unstable markets, rising living costs, and political unrest forced businesses around the world to cut back or control their spending and hiring processes. While the technology industry suffered as a result of this phenomenon, it also provided opportunities for software vendors and service providers to assist businesses in rethinking their IT strategies, working smarter, and spending wisely. That’s exactly what WSO2 did. We changed our product strategy in order to create awesome digital experiences quickly, easily, and securely for our customers. While doing so, we added 105 new customers and increased revenue by 22% year on year. 

Our channel program continued to expand in the right direction. We'd like to take this opportunity to thank all of our partners who contributed to our success. With their help:

  • Our channel revenue grew 39% YoY.
  • Partners generated $34.4M in annual recurring revenue, contributing 45% to our total revenue in 2022.
  • Partners accounted for 76% of our total net new ARR in 2022.
  • Additionally, 77% of the new logos we acquired in 2022 were through our partners.

This year, we gave 15 awards to partners who were instrumental in bringing such significant growth to our business in 2022. Ten of these awards were given to top-performing and emerging partners in North America, Latin America, Europe, the Middle East and Africa, and Asia Pacific regions. Global awards were given to the best GSI partner of the year, IAM partner of the year, Integration partner of the year, as well as the WSO2 executive's choice award and an award for the highest ARR deal of the year.

Emphasis was given to the new ARR and new logos while taking into consideration the recommendations from our regional sales and channel teams as well as the senior leadership team. The full list of award winners is given below.

WSO2 Partner Award Winners for FY-2022

  • Top Partner of the Year 2022 (North America) - SHI International Corp
  • Top Partner of the Year 2022 (Latin America) - Heiliger Tech
  • Top Partner of the Year 2022 (Europe) - Yenlo
  • Top Partner of the Year 2022 (Middle East & Africa) - DeArx Services.
  • Top Partner of the Year 2022 (Asia Pacific & ANZ) - Vision Technology Consulting
  • Emerging Partner of the Year 2022 (North America) - Duczer East
  • Emerging Partner of the Year 2022 (Latin America) - Ticxar
  • Emerging Partner of the Year 2022 (Europe) - Integon
  • Emerging Partner of the Year 2022 (Middle East & Africa) - Three Pillars Technology & Communications Co.
  • Emerging Partner of the Year 2022 (Asia Pacific & ANZ) - Evantagesoft Private Limited
  • GSI Partner of the year 2022 - LTIMindree
  • Partner Deal of the Year 2022 - Heiliger Tech for Data Prev 
  • WSO2 Identity & Access Management Partner of the Year 2022 - Chakray
  • WSO2 Integration Partner of the Year 2022 - Yenlo
  • WSO2 Executive’s Choice award for 2022 - Heiliger Tech

While congratulating our award winners, we'd also like to take this chance to express our gratitude to our entire partner ecosystem for their loyalty, hard work, and commitment to WSO2 in 2022. We will continue to support and work with you in order to achieve greater success in 2023. 

Let’s create shared success quickly, easily, and securely! 

To learn more about our partner program or to become a WSO2 partner, please visit our partner page.