Choreo Pricing

Choreo’s simple pricing lets you develop and deploy the components
(e.g., APIs, microservices, and integrations) you need for your business.

Free Pay As You Go Enterprise
1 project

Up to 5 components1
Up to a maximum of 10 projects

Up to a maximum of 30 components
Unlimited projects

Unlimited components

Includes $100 in Choreo
infrastructure credits per month2

Get Started

$150 per component per month

Pass-through infrastructure costs3

Get Started

Contact us for discounts based
on annual commitments

Pass-through infrastructure costs or use your data plane3

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Developer and Operational
Manage source with Git Repo (currently supports GitHub)
Continuous integration (CI)
Continuous delivery (CD)
Deployments to cloud platforms Azure Azure, AWS, GCP, OpenShift, VMWare Tanzu, any Kubernetes Cluster Azure, AWS, GCP, OpenShift, VMWare Tanzu, any Kubernetes Cluster
Integrations and Automations
Scheduled jobs
Out-of-the-box connectors for integrations and automations (500+ connectors)
AI-Assisted Development
Performance predictions
Intelligent data mapping
Smart code assistance
Anomaly detection
API Management
Create new APIs
Secure APIs
Test APIs
API developer portal
API analytics and insights Limited4
API requests and calls Limited5 Limited6 Unlimited
Monitoring and Observability
Monitoring dashboard
Logs Limited4
Traces Limited4
Alerting Limited4
Third-party extensions Limited7
SSO for API developer portal
Enterprise login
Container manifest scanning
Container static scanning
Run-time container security

1Up to a maximum of 2x vCPUs and 4GB RAM infrastructure resources are allocated for your component workloads.

2Choreo infrastructure credits gives you approximately 1,000 vCPU hours to process your containerized workloads. Infrastructure costs include vCPU, RAM, storage, ingress and egress, and network charges.

3Infrastructure costs for each component (e.g., vCPU, RAM, network utilization - ingress/egress, and storage) come with zero markups. You can also use your own cloud provider and pay those costs directly.

4Data retention up to a maximum of 7 days.

5Up to a maximum of 2 million API requests/calls per month.

6Up to a maximum of 5 million API requests/calls per month. Contact sales if you require more than 5 million requests/calls per month.

7Available only when using a private data plane.

Support Plans

Support Plan Free Basic Enterprise
Support Channel Discord community Support portal Support portal
Initial Response SLA N/A P1 - 4 hours

P2 - 6 business hours

P3 - 8 business hours

P4 - 1 business day
P1 - 1 hour

P2 - 4 hours

P3 - 6 hours

P4 - 1 business day
Support Cost Free on sign up $200 per month + 2.5% of monthly charges Contact sales

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