Backstage vs Choreo

Backstage and Choreo cater to different aspects of the software development lifecycle; however, some functionalities might overlap. Here's a breakdown to help you choose the right tool.

Backstage vs Choreo

Backstage is an open source framework for building developer portals that helps organizations manage their API documentation, services, components, and infrastructure. Backstage can be deployed on-premises or in the cloud and requires technical expertise to set up and maintain.

Choreo is an internal developer platform as a service that abstracts the complexities related to cloud native application development. It simplifies development, deployment, and management of APIs, integrations, and microservices on Kubernetes.



Key Features

  • Customizable developer portals.
  • Plugin architecture for extending functionality.
  • Built-in support for monitoring, CI/CD, and documentation enabled via plugins.
  • Framework for managing microservices.
  • Host Saas products, web apps, APIs and jobs.
  • Built-in application security.
  • Built-in CI/CD.
  • Multi-cloud and multi-environment support.
  • Automatic deployment and scaling.
  • Built-in observability for applications.
  • API management.

Target Audience

  • Larger organizations looking to standardize development practices and tooling across multiple teams by utilizing a framework.
  • Companies with a diverse set of microservices and tools that want to improve developer onboarding and productivity.
  • Developers, teams and SMB/SMEs seeking a streamlined platform for developing, deploying, and managing cloud native applications.
  • Organizations emphasizing rapid development and deployment of APIs and integrations.

Development Approach

  • Requires setting up and customizing your instance of Backstage, including installing plugins for desired functionalities.
  • Organizations have the flexibility to modify the platform to fit their specific needs.
  • Provides a managed platform experience with no setup required.
  • Emphasizes a faster development cycle with connecting your repository and directly deploying to the cloud.

Deployment and Management

  • Self-hosted: companies need to deploy and manage their instance of Backstage, requiring infrastructure and operational overhead.
  • Cloud-based: Choreo is offered as a service, significantly reducing the operational burden on teams.


Backstage is well-suited for enterprises looking to create a centralized developer portal to standardize development practices across a wide range of tools and services. Choreo, on the other hand, offers a comprehensive, managed platform for rapidly developing and deploying cloud native applications, ideal for teams prioritizing speed and ease of use without the need for extensive infrastructure management.

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