Customer Stories


  • Following the introduction of the data hub platform, there is better collaboration, efficiency, and interaction between data custodians and end users to understand which data supports decision making; then exposing this data through the data hub for the use of other agencies.
  • Data quality improved over time, since data custodians received regular feedback from agencies if there were inconsistencies.
  • End users also have greater confidence in the data hub as they see its value for the long-term.
  • As data is available for validation, discovery, and analysis. Government agencies are now able to make better decisions based on integrated data.
  • Operationalized data hubs for citizens, land, business, vehicles, public finance, and tax to the data hub and integrated all cirital government IT systems.
  • DITT has a plan to achieve a single source of truth, thereby avoiding duplication of same data across multiple agencies.
  • (Case study contributors: Shaveen Kasturiarachchi from WSO2 and Dawa Tshering from DITT)

Our need for multiple heterogeneous IT systems running in different government agencies and fast message exchange was critical. Compared to most vendors, WSO2 has a lightweight and high performing product suite with near zero latency, fully configuration driven, and open source applications that can be set up easily. WSO2 has hundreds of connectors, enabling us to set up our business use case requirement easily with various third parties. Furthermore, apart from the products’ performance, the support provided by WSO2 during and after the deployment are the main reasons that we chose WSO2."

Dawa Tshering, senior ICT officer at DITT

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