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Jazz, Pakistan's largest digital operator, serves over 74 million subscribers nationwide. With a corporate legacy of over 25 years and a vast customer presence in thousands of cities, Jazz stands as a pioneer in the digital industry.

The company delivers innovative and integrated communication solutions, cultivates robust brands, and offers a comprehensive portfolio of digital value-added services.


The WSO2 product stack plays a vital role in the Jazz digital ecosystem, offering a reliable platform for modernization, quick time-to-market, and impressive capacity. Additionally, its robust support model further solidifies its reliability."

Muhammad Arqum Riaz

Stream Head Solution Delivery

Jazz Pakistan


Jazz aimed to establish an API layer to engage its customers across self-care channels, partnerships, and social media, fulfilling clients' expectations of a seamless registration process and prompt service activation. Unfortunately, the company's outdated integration system hindered its ability to provide a seamless customer experience, including offering APIs to applications, partners, and social media.

The challenges included streamlining time to market, efficiently addressing capacity needs, ensuring secure service delivery, and eliminating the need for point-to-point integrations. Failing to overcome these obstacles could have significantly impacted Jazz's ability to offer relevant products and services to its customers.


To enhance the digital experience for both customers and employees, Jazz initiated a modernization effort with the following objectives:

  • Developing a future-ready Jazz API layer for enhanced scalability, security, and meeting customer needs.
  • Transitioning from point-to-point connections to API-based integrations.
  • Consolidating customer data from over 12 separate systems into a single, secure, and scalable solution.
  • Establishing a seamless and scalable view of customer interactions.
  • Providing its mobility services and support agents with a system to manage interactions with over 74 million customers.


As Jazz's preferred partner, Arcana assessed their needs and determined that WSO2 API Manager offered the optimal solution. The platform streamlined the connection between APIs and microservices, enabling the integration of a channel orchestrator layer, a business service layer, and a backend layer. This architecture provided the capacity and versatility to handle an increased volume of transactions per second.

With the implementation of WSO2 API Manager, the company has established a platform for building, deploying, and managing APIs that form a centralized platform with numerous legacy systems that store important data. Now, service teams only need to utilize one platform to resolve customer issues, eliminating the need to access multiple systems for retrieving customer information.

Jazz has also developed APIs for common services such as logging, exception handling, event notifications, and reporting frameworks. The combination of WSO2 API Manager and security patterns for API transactions has enhanced Jazz's security measures and heightened data access governance. Automated performance testing and deployment processes, facilitated by CI/CD and headless testing, have become achievable through WSO2.


Reduced Time-to-Market:

Jazz achieved a 50% reduction in the time it takes to launch new products and services by adopting an API-first architecture, allowing for quicker innovation and delivery to the market.

High API Reuse Rate:

Implementing an API-led approach, Jazz achieved an 87% API reuse rate, which expedited the onboarding of new projects and partners, streamlining the development process.

Efficient Partner Onboarding:

Jazz reduced partner onboarding time by 90% through consolidated API lifecycle management, simplifying the process of designing, implementing, managing, and securing integrations, and enhancing collaboration with partners.

Improved Customer Service:

Jazz improved customer service operations by replacing point-to-point connections with APIs, providing service representatives with quick access to customer data, resulting in a smoother and more efficient customer experience.

Diverse Reusable Integrations:

Jazz created over 29 reusable integrations with an approximate 85% reuse rate, covering various aspects like customer accounts, billing, payments, orders, and case creation, thereby enhancing operational efficiency

Streamlined Customer Data Access:

The centralized platform built with WSO2 API Manager streamlined customer data access for service teams, reducing the need to access multiple systems and improving customer issue resolution.

Enhanced Security and Governance:

WSO2 API Manager and security patterns improved Jazz's data access governance and overall security posture, ensuring secure and compliant API transactions.

Scalable Solution:

WSO2's solution provided Jazz with the capacity and versatility to handle an increased volume of transactions per second, accommodating the growing demands of its massive customer base.

Digital Customer Experience:

Jazz's self-care application gained over 13 million monthly active users, facilitated by WSO2's technology, providing a unified and efficient customer interaction platform.

Through its partnership with WSO2, Jazz successfully modernized its infrastructure, accelerated innovation, enhanced customer experiences, and improved efficiency across various aspects of its telecommunications operations.

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