Customer Stories

Nutanix is an infrastructure provider of choice for some of the world’s largest companies. Their customer portfolio spans retailers, automakers, hospitals, aviation companies, and technology and telecommunications firms, among others.

Nutanix relies on WSO2’s identity and access management capabilities to provide single sign-on (SSO) user authentication for portals, where authorized users can access resources and engage with a community of customers and partners.

By using WSO2 as the identity management solution, Nutanix has grown its user base tenfold while achieving 100% availability. This solution is now provided as a WSO2 managed cloud deployment, allowing Nutanix to use its resources for further innovation.

Why WSO2?

WSO2 has provided reliable, secure management of user identities while ensuring continuous availability and improving the overall user experience. We’re even more strongly positioned to support the rapid global adoption of our systems through the use of WSO2’s managed cloud solution.”
Manoj Thirutheri, Director of Tools Engineering at Nutanix
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