Customer Stories

Proximus is the largest provider of telecommunications, TV services, and internet services in Belgium and is comprised of several different brands. They need to integrate with internal applications, partners, customers, and even competitors.

Proximus decided to become agile, offer better quality services for their customers, reduce time to market - all at lower costs. Their journey to become more agile was driven by an API first approach. Instead of thinking in terms of systems, Proximus decided to look at re-usable, functionally shaped building blocks that are loosely coupled and not overlapping in their quest to provide great digital services to their customers. Their new architecture is powered by WSO2.

We’re focusing on delighting our customers and delivering value, and we use WSO2 to do what it does best and we let it do that. For us, WSO2 is an API management platform which does exactly what we want with technology while we focus on the business and it’s been working great for us to date.”
Sean Kelly, EAI Architect, Proximus
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