Customer Stories

New York University (NYU) is one of the largest private non-profits for higher educations in the US. At present, NYU has more than 20 schools, colleges, and institutes which includes 12 major branches located globally. This also means enormous amounts of data and rather complex services required to keep everything together.

The solution? WSO2 ESB. NYU uses WSO2 to decouple services at three levels – UI, middleware and data. The decoupling gives them the ability to build a model where existing systems can interoperate with newer services.

NYU’s architecture runs on Amazon web servers, allowing them to build applications. Various WSO2 ESB clusters host these services. This combination allows NYU to run everything at low latencies, gives them capabilities to orchestrate functionality, and the ability to roll forward services and roll them back in real time.

WSO2’s lightweight, high performance integration platform has enabled NYU to become an innovative, agile organization with improved business operations.

Why WSO2?

Agile innovation was a challenge for us. Using WSO2 ESB has enabled agile integration and evolution of services.”
Peter Morales, PhD, who leads NYU’s Educational Technology Innovation efforts.
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