April 29, 2024 Add to Calendar

10.00 a.m onwards

CGI office, Paris JW Marriott Hotel Riyadh

Many organizations are accelerating their digital transformation efforts, drawing insights from recent experiences and regional trends. Amidst the current economic landscape, prioritizing cost-effective solutions and expedited project development has become paramount. Chief Experience Officers (CxOs) are actively seeking out affordable digital transformation platforms to streamline business processes and enhance identity management, expediting the journey from concept to market. Moreover, businesses are exploring cloud migration and embracing cloud native technologies for enhanced scalability and financial efficiency.

Discover WSO2's innovative digital transformation platform, tailored to meet the evolving demands of contemporary business and technology landscapes. Whether you seek a hybrid solution combining on-premises and cloud native capabilities, or desire a platform aligned with the latest trends, WSO2 offers a versatile solution.

Unlock the potential of digital transformation platforms to propel your organization's success in 2024!


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Mohamed Khayri
COO, 3Pillars Digitalization
Raouf Hadjer
Vice President and General Manager - ME, WSO2
Imaad Rizni
Associate Lead Solutions Engineer, WSO2


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