User Management

with WSO2 Identity Server

WSO2 Identity Server enables you to easily manage user accounts and their storage, manage and assign roles and groups, manage user’s permission levels, and authorize users to manage their own profile and preferences.

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User Management

What is User Management?

User management is one of the key tasks in identity and access management. Administrators and developers should be able to easily manage users, user stores (JDBC, Active Directory or LDAP) assign roles, groups, permission level, and privileges.

Users, on the other hand, require the ability to access their accounts and manage their preferences so that accessing resources is simple and frictionless.

User management with WSO2 Identity Server

WSO2 Identity Server provides capabilities ranging from easy account management, and provisioning that includes inbound and outbound authenticators. With WSO2 Identity Server, the user management dashboard provides an overview of a system’s active user sessions, login status, privileges, and activities which help make real-time security decisions.

User management with WSO2 Identity Server

Self-service user management with WSO2 Identity Server

With the self-care portal, WSO2 Identity Server provides the capabilities to end-users to:

  • Easily manage, configure and reset passwords
  • Link multiple accounts to WSO2 Identity server
  • Keep the user’s profile up to date in the system by configuring the user’s information
  • Identify personal data that is stored in WSO2 Identity Server
  • Configure account recovery mechanisms
  • Configure secure access by setting up multi-factor authentication factors
  • Configure passwordless login
  • Monitor active user sessions and easily terminate them
  • View, revoke, or edit consent given to apps registered in WSO2 Identity Server
  • Easily login to social accounts

User management capabilities for admins

Capabilities for admins to manage users using the WSO2 Identity Server console:

  • Add new users to the system and manage their profiles
  • Assign users to groups
  • Create and manage user groups and roles
  • Define privileges/permissions for the roles
  • Provision users to the external systems
  • Link multiple accounts belonging to the user and centrally manage them
  • View and terminate sessions

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