Change your IT Value Proposition: Build the Plan, Work the Plan

  • By Chris Haddad
  • 25 Sep, 2013

Looking to reshape your IT value proposition, and feel legacy application platform, service infrastructure, or integration infrastructure is holding you back? Let’s talk about how the WSO2 advantage can transform your projects’ experience. What our your goals, challenges, and constraints?

When building a plan for 2014, consider:

  • Re-shape Enterprise Architecture
  • Re-invent the Integration Platform

Re-shape Enterprise Architecture

At Gartner Catalyst, I presented how teams should re-shape Enterprise Architecture for today’s demands. Today, high-performance enterprise architecture is rapidly changing due to three fundamental drivers: cloud-native platforms, APIs and DevOps. The session explored how IT professionals can take advantage of these drivers to transform and optimize their enterprise architecture. I described how organizations can change the way they think about operational infrastructure, application life cycle practices, and successfully integrate and evolve infrastructure and applications, especially mobile applications.

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Re-invent the Integration Platform

On October 10 in Atlanta, join me for a half-day workshop to learn how next-generation integration platforms can transform your value proposition.

Best practices in Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) include a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and the Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) model to implement a service broker pattern for connectivity, mediation, process orchestration and security.

This workshop will help architects and developers obtain a high level architectural view describing how ESBs fit into a SOA, and will explain how the high-performance, low footprint WSO2 ESB, in conjunction with other components of the WSO2 middleware platform, can connect, mediate, orchestrate and manage interactions between application integration consumers and providers. We will also introduce API Management as a solution to extend your SOA architecture and govern APIs.

The registration page can be found at:

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