WSO2 User Engagement Server with RXT View in Management Console

  • By Madhuka Udantha
  • 4 Sep, 2013

Here, I am using WSO2 User Engagement Server (UES) and I need to have RXT view in the management console where I can see all the Gadget and Sites in store (Enterprise Store).

WSO2 UES 1.0.0 [1] was release with carbon 4.1.0. So firstly you need to add repo "" with name repo-410

org.wso2.carbon.governance.list is unsatisfied so make governance.list active it need task and coordination feature.

i) Tasks ( 4.1.0

ii) Governance Lifecycle Management Feature 4.1.0

iii) Governance Metadata Feature 4.1.0

iv) Registry UI Menu for Governance Feature 4.1.0

v) Registry WS API 4.1.0

vi) Coordination Core 4.0.5

(i) to (v) features in repo[3] and (vi) feature is in repo[4].

After that you can add RXTs and also manage the assets using the interface.