17 Jul, 2023 | 3 min read

API Analytics and Monetization with Choreo and Moesif

  • Nuwan Dias
  • VP and Deputy CTO - WSO2

We're excited to announce the partnership between Choreo and Moesif, bringing you an integration for improved API analytics and monetization. Choreo is our application development suite designed to accelerate the creation of digital experiences. It simplifies the process of building, deploying, and monitoring cloud-native applications, boosting productivity and fostering innovation in organizations. 

With Moesif's expertise in API analytics, the integration allows for in-depth insights into API usage, empowering organizations to make informed decisions and better support users. Additionally, the combined solution offers effortless monetization options, enabling businesses to generate revenue from their APIs without the need for complex coding. This means that businesses can easily generate revenue from their APIs, opening up new opportunities for growth and success.

Moesif and Choreo can be connected by navigating within the Choreo console, going to Settings -> API Management -> Moesif Dashboard, and pasting in your Moesif Application ID. Once integrated, the full capabilities of Moesif’s API analytics and billing features are available to you. Let’s take a look at some of the advantages in more detail.

Powerful Analytics for Your APIs 

Having API analytics at your fingertips allows for valuable insight into the health of your business, so you can be more proactive in supporting customers. Moesif is known for allowing you to easily create charts and dashboards to see how customers use your APIs and the value they get. API analytics from Choreo flow directly into Moesif, allowing technical and non-technical users to get real-time insights into API usage and better support users. With funnel reports, you can understand the full journey of how users convert to active or paying customers. With retention reports and cohort analysis, you can understand the signals that may lead to churn. 

Easily Monetize APIs with Choreo and Moesif

As more companies look to generate revenue from their APIs, they face the same challenge: API monetization is not easy. Being able to handle both simple and complex usage-based billing cases takes a lot of custom code and generates overhead for developers. With Choreo and Moesif, you can monetize APIs in a few clicks using Moesif’s metered billing features. No coding is required. You can create plans for prepaid, postpaid, PAYG, and other usage-based billing models with low effort. From here, Moesif can aggregate usage and send the usage values to Stripe, Recurly, Chargebee, or a custom billing solution for users to be charged. No matter how complex or simple your API billing criteria are, Moesif and Choreo can easily handle them.

New Levels of Automation

Want to automate customer success outreach or block user access based on specific business criteria? With the Moesif and Choreo integration, you can use behavioral emails to automatically send customized emails to users based on specific events. For example, if a user is having difficulty integrating with your APIs, Moesif can detect this and email the most relevant guide to help them. 

Another form of automation is using Moesif’s governance rules feature to block users, such as those with overdue unpaid invoices, from accessing certain APIs or features within your application. New levels of automation are now possible when pairing Moesif with Choreo.

Trying It Out!

Trying out Moesif and WSO2 is as simple as creating a Choreo account, a Moesif account, and adding your Moesif Application ID to the Moesif configuration in Choreo. For more details on how to integrate Moesif with Choreo, check out the Choreo and Moesif integration guide.