10 Aug, 2023 | 3 min read

Deploy Your Web Applications with Choreo

  • Binura Gunasekara
  • Senior Technical Lead - WSO2

We're excited to share that web applications are now available on the Choreo platform.

Quickly and easily build, deploy, and scale web applications that seamlessly communicate with APIs deployed on Choreo. This enables you to build digital experiences on the cloud faster and more easily than ever.

What Are Web Apps?

Covering a range of applications, web apps encompass everything from single-page applications (SPAs) and static site generators (SSGs) to static web content like websites and blogs, as well as server-side rendered (SSR) apps.

All these apps serve content that ultimately reaches the user's browser. With Choreo, you can now deploy any application catering to web traffic, giving you the ultimate flexibility.

Use a Language or Framework of Your Choice

Choreo facilitates seamless builds for popular web technologies right from your source code. Additionally, it allows you to consider broader possibilities by allowing you to add your own Dockerfile.

Deploy React, Angular, VueJS, and Other JavaScript-Based SPAs

Connecting your Git repository with your web app's source code (even if it's a mono-repo) enables hassle-free deployment. Choreo handles the heavy lifting by automatically generating the essential build and deployment pipelines for you.

Figure 1: Creating a react component on the Choreo Console

Host a Static Website

To host static web content, such as static websites or blogs, simply link your Git repository containing HTML, CSS, and/or JS contents, indicate the relevant directory, and deploy with a click.

Deploy a Containerized Web App - Built Using Your Dockerfile

For more advanced cases, Choreo seamlessly supports building and deploying web apps based on Dockerfiles within your Git repository.

This feature allows you to deploy a wide array of web apps and servers, written in languages ranging from Python, Ruby, C#, to NodeJS, onto the Choreo platform.

Deploy and Promote Across Multiple Environments

Web apps are designed to work seamlessly with Choreo's best-in-class multi-environment model. Build your application once and then effortlessly promote a unified artifact across multiple environments, alongside other components and services within your project. Achieving a production-grade CI/CD setup for your full-stack apps can now be done in seconds.

Figure 2: Promoting a web app between development and production environments

Auto-Generated URLs for Web Apps

Choreo automatically generates URLs with managed TLS certificates for every environment. Once your web apps are built and deployed, they are instantly accessible through these URLs.

Customize a Short URL

Once your web application is in a production environment, Choreo allows you to generate a personalized short URL on the * domain with a single click.

Figure 3: Creating a customized short URL for a web app in production

Future Plans

Our roadmap includes plans for custom URL support. Until then, you can establish a subdomain from your DNS registry using a CNAME record (e.g., to achieve the same effect.

Auto-Deploy on Commit

Choreo components, including web apps, automatically detect new commits or merged pull requests in your connected Git repository and branch, triggering automatic build and deployment to your development environment.

Adding web apps on Choreo allows you to focus on what truly matters – writing code and building great cloud native products. Choreo takes care of the rest, allowing you to tap into advanced DevOps features whenever you need.

Getting Started

If you haven’t signed up, go to Choreo to create a free account today.

Follow our guide to deploy your first web app on Choreo.