18 Sep, 2023 | 3 min read

Stay Compliant and Informed: Discover Choreo's Logging and Observability Advancements

  • Lakmal Warusawithana
  • Senior Director - Cloud Architecture - WSO2

Image by vectorjuice on Freepik

In today's digital economy, enterprises have to strike the right balance between gaining application and user insights and safeguarding data privacy. With Choreo's feature that derives direct log insights and observability from data planes, organizations can now prioritize enterprise compliance while delivering essential functionality.

Introducing a First-Class Log Menu with Enhanced Unified Log View

Building upon our commitment to enhance user experience, we're thrilled to introduce a revamped log navigation system that's both intuitive and powerful.

  • Elevating logs to a premier position: We're unveiling a dedicated logs menu to streamline and optimize log analysis. This menu serves as a gateway to an improved user experience, providing insights into project-level and component-level logs. From application and gateway logs to system and access logs, this unified page centralizes diverse log sources, simplifying the debugging process.
  • Real-time insights through live logs: While historical logs offer insights into the past, our live logs deliver real-time snapshots. Define your desired time window, and within seconds, relevant logs materialize on your interface. By blending recent logs with archived ones, we create a seamless viewing experience. Imagine it as a graphical rendition of the 'tail -f' command. Even scrolling upwards triggers intuitive fetching of earlier logs, aligning with your chosen time frame.
  • Precision and efficiency via advanced log filtering: Our unified log view now features sophisticated filtering. Users effortlessly navigate logs using an enhanced multi-selector or direct log queries. This refined system allows precise filtering based on parameters like log levels (error, warn, info, debug), log types (application, gateway, system, access), and environment (development, staging, production). These granular filters greatly expedite troubleshooting in distributed environments.

Figure 1: Unified log project-level view

Figure 2: Unified log project level view with log level filters

We've now introduced the audit logs feature in line with our dedication to offering a holistic observability experience. Each action you perform in Choreo is meticulously logged and accessible within a dedicated submenu. This enhancement guarantees users a comprehensive view of their operations, all within the seamless, unified experience that defines Choreo.

Data Privacy and Compliance: Keeping Data Within the Data Plane

Figure 3: Architecture overview on Choreo's in-data-plane log and observability

The bedrock of our latest enhancement is the unwavering commitment to data privacy and compliance. This commitment hinges on a simple yet profound architectural decision, keeping logs and observability data strictly anchored within the data planes. Here's how the new architecture brings this vision to life:

  • Anchoring data at the source: The new architecture emphasizes storing logs and observability data directly at their source, within the data plane itself. This bolsters data security and integrity and streamlines access and compliance, ensuring enterprises enjoy a seamless, efficient, and trustworthy data experience.
  • Direct browser-to-data-plane interaction: Unlike traditional systems that route data through multiple intermediaries, Choreo's console, running directly in the user's browser, interacts immediately with the APIs located in the data plane. This eliminates potential detours or bottlenecks, ensuring data is streamed directly to the user's browser without external diversions.
  • Minimized data exposure points: Every transfer point in a data journey is a potential vulnerability. By enabling the Choreo console to fetch data straight from the data plane's APIs, we're significantly reducing the touchpoints, thus limiting the chances of data exposure or interception.
  • Regulatory alignment and data locality: Regulatory standards worldwide emphasize the importance of data locality. We streamline compliance by ensuring data remains in its original environment and is pulled directly when requested. This direct architecture simplifies adherence, whether it's the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), or other regional or international mandates.
  • Enhanced performance and real-time insights: This direct interaction between the browser and data plane boosts security and enhances performance. Cutting out intermediaries makes data retrieval faster, offering users near-instantaneous insights that are crucial for making informed decisions.
  • User-centric transparency and control: With the Choreo console's direct interaction, users have a transparent view of where their data resides and how it is accessed. This transparency is paired with granular control, ensuring data is accessed based on precise user specifications.

In essence, our revamped architecture is not just about enhancing data access; it's about reimagining the path data takes to reach the user. It's a pioneering approach that offers rich insights without the traditional risks associated with data movement. For enterprises, this means enjoying the benefits of deep insights and peace of mind with top-tier data privacy and compliance standards.

eBPF-Driven Observability Upgrade

Choreo's commitment to cutting-edge observability is underscored by its pivot to an Extended Berkeley Packet Filter (eBPF)-driven backend. We ensure precision and reliability by retaining observability data captured via eBPF and integrating it into the data plane’s infrastructure. This revamp enriches the dynamic network diagram previously exclusive to the Choreo Cloud Dataplane and extends it to our private data plane offerings. Consider this backend enhancement a precursor — a glimpse into a slew of advanced observability features we aim to roll out soon.

Looking Beyond the Horizon: Future Enhancements

The current in-data plane log and observability feature rollout is a monumental leap, with initial support tailored for Azure cloud and private data planes. But our vision continues. As we move forward, expect this feature to gracefully extend to AWS and GCP private data planes in the upcoming weeks. Until then, we encourage you to embrace these features by visiting Choreo today.