15 Dec, 2023 | 3 min read

Introducing Choreo Marketplace and Connections

  • Tishan Dahanayakage
  • Senior Technical Lead - WSO2

An API-first approach has become a key driver for innovation and agility in modern software development. Through this, businesses can accelerate development cycles, and create powerful, interconnected applications that meet the evolving needs of users and markets. As part of our commitment to empowering enterprises on their API-first journey, our team at Choreo is thrilled to announce the introduction of two new features – Choreo Marketplace and Connections. 

In this blog, we will delve into the key highlights of both features, provide insight on how to get started, and reveal what else is in store for you. 

Choreo Marketplace

Figure 1: Choreo Marketplace

The Choreo Marketplace lists all reusable digital assets in your organization. It helps you to navigate the challenges of organizing a multitude of APIs, services, and other sharable digital assets. Key highlights of this feature include:

  • API Discovery: All APIs within your organization can be found in a single searchable catalog. The catalog allows you to browse APIs exposed by components within your project, together with publicly available APIs within the organization. This enables a quick and easy search of APIs and their details.

  • API Definitions and Documentation: Once the API is selected from the catalog, its specification and documentation can be viewed. These resources provide you all the information needed to consume the API.

  • Improved Navigation: Choreo Marketplace presents a user-friendly interface that enables you to search APIs by name, description, and even with some text content lying within the API specification. In addition to search, you can filter APIs by types, categories, and visibility levels. It makes it easy to discover the API you need with limited information. 

Choreo Connections

Figure 2: Choreo Connections

Once you’ve discovered the API you intend to use through the marketplace, the next step is to connect to it. Choreo Connections are for creating reusable connections to APIs. Key highlights of this feature include:

  • API Consumption: It eliminates the need for manual handling of credentials or hard-coding, and empowers you to connect with APIs directly from the Choreo Marketplace, so that you can focus on application development.

  • Unified Integration Experience: It ensures a consistent and unified integration experience across services regardless of it being internal or external.

  • Enhanced Developer Productivity: You can spend less time on managing connection details and more time innovating, resulting in faster development cycles.

How to Get Started

Choreo Marketplace and Connections will be generally available for all organizations that have signed up with Choreo. We have already added your deployed APIs and services to the Choreo Marketplace on your behalf. Simply log in to the Choreo console and browse the right-hand menu of the Choreo Marketplace for the APIs already available for your organization. 

Connection creation is available for all components and projects, which is accessible via the left-hand menu under ‘Dependencies’. Connection creation wizard will guide you through the rest of the process.

Figure 3: Create Connection

Please refer to our documentation for more information.

What’s Next

Having a single place to discover your dependencies, including APIs, and a uniform way to connect to all your dependencies will improve the productivity and efficiency in your organization, and help to fast track your API-first journey. We will continue to add other types of dependencies to the Choreo Marketplace, such as third-party services (Salesforce/Twilio), database connections, and event sources, which allow developers to discover and connect to any dependency in the same way.

For all Choreo users, we invite you to explore the Choreo Marketplace and let us know what you think. And if you haven't already, sign up and begin your journey with Choreo today for free.