4 Mar, 2024 | 3 min read

Introducing Identity Server 7.0 - The Most Powerful and Developer-Friendly Release Yet

  • Geethika Cooray
  • Vice President & Head of the IAM BU - WSO2

WSO2 Identity Server is the leading open source IAM solution. It is a powerful, modern access management solution for your on-premises or cloud environment that provides secure access for your consumers (B2C), enterprise customers (B2B), workforce (B2E), or APIs. WSO2 Identity Server manages more than 1 billion identities worldwide, and its extensibility allows it to support the most complex IAM requirements.

What’s New in This Release?

This major new release offers additional developer productivity features that build upon an already awesome experience, brings the most comprehensive CIAM capabilities for B2B SaaS apps, provides support for financial-grade APIs to strengthen security, and much more.

Developer Productivity Features

We’ve always strived to provide the best IAM developer experience for all developers trying to solve their IAM problems. Several new capabilities make WSO2 Identity Server 7.0 the most powerful and developer-friendly access management software product we’ve ever offered.

  • Visual editor allows viewing of the user journey in the build phase

Developers can now use graphical login flows to design the user experience and visualize the user login journey as the user will while seeing the related code views.

Figure 1

  • App-driven authentication for app-native, browser-less experience

Developers can use the new app-based authentication to optimize their apps’ user experience with in-application login flows. Especially with native mobile apps, avoiding redirection to the browser to log in to the app enables a much more seamless user experience. This new API is architected to bring these value additions to developers: 

  • Supports orchestrating authentication conditionally based on risk factors, user/access context, etc., without changing the application logic. 
  • Enables using OAuth 2.0/OpenID Connect flows without the need for separate browser support.
  • Guarantees the identity and proof of possession of the client, and the API only communicates with legitimate client apps.
  • Figure 2

  • One-click application templates and authentication methods
  • Developers can register new applications of various types with the click of a button.

    Figure 3

    They can also select from a wide variety of authentication types.

    Figure 4

  • Refreshing new look and feel for the console user interface
  • A new, unified UI experience aligns the look and feel of the console for all three deployment models: software, SaaS, and single-tenant cloud. Now, the same console is available across all three products for production administrative and developer tasks.


    Figure 5

    • The most comprehensive CIAM solution for B2B SaaS apps

    With just a few lines of code, WSO2 Identity Server 7.0 embeds powerful authentication, authorization, full self-service account management, and more into the apps serving your enterprise customers. Even further, it helps organizations take it to the next level with additional mission-critical capabilities such as:

    • Flexible onboarding and secured access for enterprise customers and end users
      • Integrate your enterprise customer’s IDP or initiate user self-registration invitations
      • Facilitate customized login options and access policies per customer organization
    • Self-service delegated administration
      • Enable granting access for administrative functions with RBAC for individuals or groups
        • Administer users or access policies
        • Manage other administrative functionalities of your app
        • Allow re-delegation of key tasks to external specialists
        • Figure 6

        • Support for real-world complexity in how businesses are organized
        • Manage user accounts wherever it makes the most sense - centrally for all customer organizations, or distributed among each customer’s organization
        • Support multi-level organization hierarchies
        • Figure 7

        • Support for multi-app portfolios
        • Enable consistent SSO, account management, and access policies across multiple applications
        • Manage application availability to downstream organizations via a subscription mechanism
        • Support for customers’ branding
          • Define custom branding preferences as per customer/reseller requirements per organization
          • Figure 8

            • Support for Financial Grade API Security 

            WSO2 Identity Server 7.0 is now FAPI first-class compliant and has adopted OAuth 2.0 profiles to secure high-value APIs.

            Additional Enhancements

            • You can now promote WSO2 Identity Server configurations from your development environments to higher environments from the command line.
            • Support for passwordless and biometric authentication is enhanced with a new connector for HYPR.

            WSO2 Identity Server is offered as downloadable software, but it also powers WSO2’s two other IAM solutions. For organizations with a SaaS strategy, WSO2 offers Asgardeo. WSO2 also offers Private Identity Cloud, a single-tenant private cloud solution, hosted and managed by WSO2 experts. With WSO2 Identity Server 7.0, we are unifying the code base for all three solutions in our IAM Suite. This unifies the user experience across all the products and ensures feature parity. The unified code base makes the transition from one product to the other, or a combination of multiple deployment options, straightforward. 


            WSO2 Identity Server 7.0 provides a single code base that can be deployed as open source, downloaded as software, deployed in a single-tenant private cloud, or delivered as SaaS. This enables more flexibility for our customers, fosters innovation, future-proofs deployment strategies, and caters to any industry and its regulations globally.

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