[WSO2Con Asia 2014] Effective Test Automation in an Agile Environment

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  • 26 Mar, 2014

Test automation has become an essential part of agile development practices, mainly because delivery schedules are bound by market pressure, and the only means to achieve quality goals with aggressive delivery schedule is to automate. Although companies are rapidly adapting to the test automation route, the downside can be huge without right strategy and approach. This talks covers a few success stories of adapting test automation and key secrets to the right approach.



Krishantha Samaraweera
Senior Technical Lead, WSO2

Krishantha is a Senior Technical Lead at WSO2 who focuses on the development of WSO2 Test Automation Framework. In addition to his framework development efforts at WSO2, he also focus on product test automation to achieve greater coverage. He has hands on experience with open source test automation tools and unit testing frameworks. He has carried out several onsite customer engagements as a consultant. He specializes in various SOA technologies, test automation tools and testing methodologies. He has developed test automation tools and is also familiar with various scripting languages including Python, Ruby and Perl. He is also conversant in configuring and administrating multiple web application server and database systems.


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