3 Sep, 2014

[WSO2Con EU 2014] Case Study: CSI Ecosystem Using WSO2 Technology

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The Federated Ecosystem is one of main CSI projects. Its aim is to redesign regional public body information systems outsourced to CSI-Piemonte with a federated architecture model so that it simplifies and assures interoperability, governance and flexibility. Every single information system will be deployed in the CSI private cloud infrastructure. CSI Ecosystem uses WSO2 technology (mainly API Manager and BAM) to rule interoperability, manage service levels and promote service reusability with a marketplace of API, lifecycle management with self-service subscription (based on oAuth2 standards) and monitoring of API usage and performance.Message mediation and service integration at single information system levels will be addressed with ESB/Registry technologies. The session will cover the roadmap for real-time events processing and big data analytics projects in CSI-Piemonte using WSO2 CEP and other open source machine learning engines.


Fabrizio Barbero
Director Of Integration, CSI-Piemonte

Under Fabrizio’s leadership, CSI-Piemonte has successfully achieved the delivery of SOA infrastructure, ALM & model driven generation platforms and open data and big data technology for enterprise information analysis. He is currently working on the delivery of CSI-Ecosystem, a federation of information systems based on a newborn CSI-Piemonte Private Cloud, and in defining a technology road for real-time big data predictive analytics.


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