3 Sep, 2014

[WSO2Con EU 2014] Case Study: Glue Your SaaS Applications Together Using WSO2

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As an IT consulting company, our project related processes are essential to our business. To support them, we have chosen to rely on “best-of-breed” SaaS solutions. However, the lack of integration between tools was causing excessive administrative burden, data quality issues and duplicate inputs. To address this issue we have deployed several components of the WSO2 platform on Amazon WS. The ESB is the backbone that connects applications. A set of RESTful services was also developed to enable the design of composite applications using Sencha. In addition, the BAM provides us with technical and business insights. Finally, GREG is used to maintain a governed ecosystem of services. As a result we have been able to fully automate key project activities.


Yann Le Blevec, PhD
Head Of Integration and Architecture, Smartwave

Yann has been involved in integration projects for more than 10 years. After obtaining a PhD on service based integration platforms, he joined Alcatel Lucent to implement data flows in an ERP centric environment. He is now working at SmartWave as the head of “Integration and Architecture”. He is a certified professional on several integration platform including Oracle SOASuite, SAP PI and WSO2 ESB. He continues to deliver technical recommendation and architecture advice to its customers.


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