3 Sep, 2014

[WSO2Con EU 2014] Powering the Lean Developer with Continuous Development

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The lean developer gets to market faster, pivot faster, and release frequently. Continuous development enables the lean developer by providing task-oriented, fast, secure and extensible environments instantly and continuously. Environments are connected to issues, jobs, releases, projects, assets and individuals, providing the right context at the right time. In this session, Tyler will discuss the principles of continuous development and how SaaS developer environments are making enterprise development more agile.


Tyler Jewel CEO, Codenvy

Tyler is also the founder and CEO of Codenvy, a cloud development environment for coding, building, and testing applications in the cloud. He’s previously held leadership positions at Oracle, Quest (acquired by Dell), and The Middleware Company (acquired by TechTarget), and BEA (acquired by Oracle). He holds degrees in Computer Science and Economics, and is the author of three books on Java.


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