29 Feb, 2016

[WSO2Con Asia 2016] Keynote: Vega High Performance Electric Car – Challenges and Opportunities

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Dr.Harsha Subasinghe, President & CEO,CodeGen

Harsha Subasingha is the co-founder and CEO of CodeGen International Group of Companies. He has a broad knowledge in various industries spanning computing, electronics, education, fashion and food, which he developed through innovative Research and Development (R&D) at CodeGen International – Travel Box, Vega, Design Café, Curry Much. Harsha is a recipient of numerous awards and recognition programmes. Most recently he received the “Outstanding Entrepreneur” for the year 2014.

Dr.Beshan Kulapala, Research Scientist,CodeGen

In his role at CodeGen Beshan Kulapala leads their efforts to expand into electronic and mechatronic product development. He currently leads the Vega™ Electric Car Project. Previously, Beshan was an Engineering Manager at Intel® Corporation, Oregon, USA, during which he led a team of firmware, hardware and validation engineers to develop the next generation firmware and hardware for Intel Core™ and Intel Xeon™ processor families.


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