18 Feb, 2016

[WSO2Con Asia 2016] Tutorial - Revolutionizing WSO2 App Cloud with Kubernetes and Docker

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Manjula Rathnayake,
Associate Technical Lead, WSO2

Manjula currently works in the WSO2 App Factory team as a product lead where he focuses on integrating Kuberenetes as the runtime for App Factory. Manjula was a member of the WSO2 Business Rules Server and the WSO2 Identity Server teams prior to joining the app factory team. He is interested in Java EE application design and development, application lifecycle management and computer security.

Sajith Kariyawasam,
Senior Software Engineer, WSO2

Sajith is part of the WSO2 Private PaaS team. He has provided technology consulting on several customer engagements, including customer QuickStart programs and developement services. Sajith’s main areas of interests are Cloud computing and container technologies. He is a committer and a PMC member of Apache Stratos project, which is a highly-extensible Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) framework.


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