6 Nov, 2017

[WSO2Con EU 2017] Cloud-Native API Management

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Cloud-Native API Management

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Cloud-Native API Management

Nuwan Dias Associate Director/Architect, WSO2
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WSO2 API Manager, which just completed its five-year-long journey, is now reborn. Version 3.0.0 of the WSO2 API Manager is a complete rewrite of the product from the ground up. This new version has a brand new architecture that addresses many a need on modern software development and deployment practices. This brand new version of the product comes with a completely new set of features that are guaranteed to grab the attention of many new and existing consumers of the product. This session will focus on some of the key new capabilities and highlights of the product including

  • The product's container native architecture
  • The micro API gateway with a Ballerina based runtime
  • High/infinite scaling of the API gateway
  • Working your way across multiple API environments


Nuwan Dias Associate Director/Architect, WSO2

Nuwan is a part of the architecture team that drives development efforts of WSO2’s API management platform. Previously, he spearheaded architectural, research, and development aspects of WSO2 API Manager. He has also been involved in many customer engagements where he has assisted in developing their solutions architecture. Prior to joining WSO2, he worked at Informatics International Limited as a Senior Software Engineer.


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