13 Nov, 2017

[WSO2Con EU 2017] Panel Discussion: Tackling the Realities of PSD2 and Open Banking

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Panel Discussion: Tackling the Realities of PSD2 and Open Banking

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Panel Discussion: Tackling the Realities of PSD2 and Open Banking


Richard Smith Enterprise Architect, Bank of Cyprus UK

Richard specializes in business and digital transformation and is currently the Enterprise Architect at Bank of Cyprus, UK. Richard, as a contractor, has worked across many industries, including finance, STEM, media, retail, transport, and telecommunications. A key part of his current role involves ensuring banks’ compliance with PSD2.

Chris Michael Head of Technology, Open Banking

Chris is a CTO with over 25 years’ experience building teams, platforms and products for global brands, across many sectors. Throughout his career, his roles have seen him manage multi-million pound budgets, save tens of millions, and generate hundreds of millions in benefit. In his current role, he leads the API teams at Open Banking, defining the API standards to meet the CMA remedies for Open Banking in the UK.

Maciej Machulak Global Technical Product Manager, Secure Access at HSBC

Maciej specializes in cyber security, data privacy, and trust in the Cloud. He is the Global Technical Product Manager within the Secure Access team at HSBC. Previously, he was Senior Identity Architect at iWelcome – one of the fastest growing identity platforms in Europe. Previously, he was the Chief Identity Architect at Synergetics and Founder & CEO of Cloud Identity Limited (acquired by Synergetics), which developed innovative identity and access management software. Maciej serves as the Vice-Chair of the User-Managed Access Work Group at Kantara Initiative and is one of the authors of the award-winning UMA protocol. In June 2015, he was awarded the prestigious MIT Innovators Under 35 award for his work on privacy and security of personal data.

Seshika Fernando Head of Financial Solutions, WSO2

Seshika heads the financial solutions team at WSO2 where she builds financial industry-specific solutions using WSO2’s middleware platform. She also works closely with potential customers looking to deploy a financial solution, providing ongoing consulting. Throughout her career, she has had extensive experience in providing technology for investment banks, regulators and stock exchanges from across the globe.

Prabath Siriwardena Senior Director - Security Architecture, WSO2

Prabath has over 11 years of industry experience that currently involves providing security architecture solutions WSO2 key customers. He has spoken at several global user conferences and authored four books related to Apache Maven, enterprise integration, and API security. He is an Apache Axis2 PMC member and a member of OASIS Identity Metasystem Interoperability TC, OASIS eXtensible Access Control Markup Language TC, OASIS Security Services TC, OASIS Identity in the Cloud TC, and OASIS Cloud Authorization TC.

Asanka Abeysinghe Vice President – Solutions Architecture, WSO2

Asanka spearheads the company’s customer facing technical tasks and oversees the solution architecture and technical sales functions. He also provides consulting to key WSO2 customers and conducts workshops specifically targeted at enterprise architects and technical managers. Asanka has over 15 years of industry experience, which include implementing projects ranging from desktop and web applications through to highly scalable distributed systems and SOAs in the financial domain, mobile platforms, and business integration solutions.


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