6 Nov, 2017

[WSO2Con EU 2017] Resilience Patterns with Ballerina

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Resilience Patterns with Ballerina

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Resilience Patterns with Ballerina

Isuru Udana Senior Technical Lead, WSO2
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Today almost all systems are distributed and have complex interactions between each other to provide useful functionality. In a software system, resilience is the ability to recover to a working condition after being affected by a serious incident. Since failures in complex interconnected systems during production is not an uncommon thing when we design software you need to think about this aspect. Ballerina is a general purpose, concurrent programming language optimized for integration. It has inbuilt functionality to make programs resilient for network failures.

In this session we will cover

  • What is resilience
  • Reliability and resilience
  • Resilience patterns
  • Building resilience patterns with Ballerina


Isuru Udana Senior Technical Lead, WSO2

Isuru began as an intern at WSO2 in 2010, where he contributed towards the initial development of WSO2 Developer Studio and now is a part of the WSO2 Enterprise Service Bus/Integration team. He is a committer and a PMC member for the Apache Synapse open source ESB project. He is a founding member of the Siddhi Complex Event Processing Engine which is now shipped with the WSO2 CEP server. Isuru has successfully completed a Google Summer of Code Program where he worked on a project under the Eclipse Foundation.


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