22 Mar, 2017

[WSO2Con USA 2017] APIs as Your Digital Connector

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This is not your father’s API story. Lets not talk about what API management means and its benefits. API Management is ubiquitous, its benefits are understood and the right methodologies are adopted. This session share our experience with API management, what went well and what we could have done better. During this session we’ll discuss

  • Key performance indicators (KPIs) to evaluate your API strategy
  • Key elements to get right for an effective API management strategy
  • The importance of the right solutions architecture
  • API-centric digital transformation success stories


Nuwan Bandara, Director - Solutions Architecture, WSO2

As part of the solutions architecture team, Nuwan works closely with WSO2 customers to develop and implement enterprise solutions. His experience spans across multiple verticals, such as e-government, education, e-commerce, and healthcare. Previously, he contributed to the development of various products, mainly focused on the API management technology area. He was also involved in research and development for the EU’s Information Society Technologies SOA and mobile computing projects, and is a member of the British Computer Society.


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