22 Mar, 2017

[WSO2Con USA 2017] Building an Effective API Architecture

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WSO2 API Manager is a solution that effectively reuses most of the WSO2 platform components to build an elegant, scalable software that performs the whole API management cycle. Understanding the various components of the solution and their interactions helps you to build an effective solution architecture that best suits your organizational needs. Knowing the available deployment options and best practises can benefit you in the long run when managing APIs and the applications that consume them. In this session we will look at

  • WSO2 API Manager components and their interactions
  • Advanced API security: Key management
  • Rate limiting API requests: Traffic management
  • Analytics: Batch, real-time and logs
  • Deployment patterns: HA and multi-datacenter deployment


Nuwan Dias, Associate Director/Architect, WSO2

Nuwan is a part of the architecture team that drives development efforts of WSO2’s API management platform. Previously, he spearheaded architectural, research, and development aspects of WSO2 API Manager. He has also been involved in many customer engagements where he has assisted in developing their solutions architecture. Prior to joining WSO2, he worked at Informatics International Limited as a Senior Software Engineer.


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