12 Mar, 2017

[WSO2Con USA 2017] Providing a Pathway from Stovepipe Systems to a Secure SOA Enterprise

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Eagle Technology Group (TG) has provided IT services to many large organizations, including the US Department of Defense, the US Department of Justice, and other state governments and large commercial business entities. Many of these organizations are stifled by years of development of stovepipe systems that use outdated technologies. These systems are usually built without thought to integration.

These systems will need to be incorporated with existing legacy systems in a way that allows the two worlds to coexist, giving the organization time to wean itself off its legacy systems. This session will explore how Eagle TG helps organizations embrace secure distributed software development methodology - one that features services - using WSO2 products that promote low startup cost, high availability, security, scalability, and robust, efficient operations.


Neil Custer, Senior Enterprise Systems Engineer, Eagle TG

Neil Custer has over 30 years of broad experience in the information technology field. His responsibilities have spanned hardware assembly, maintenance and operations; network architecture and infrastructure installation and operations; planning and execution of physical and IT operations security, system certification processes, backup, recovery, and disaster preparedness; and all phases of the application software development life cycle in both classic waterfall and agile development environments. Neil has developed software in more than five different languages for 17 years providing solutions for deployment on several platforms. For the past three years he has been a Senior Enterprise Systems Engineer/Developer for Eagle Technology Group, LLC. His most recent work is focusing on fielding Java apps and web services using WSO2 platform products. He is currently certified in WSO2 Enterprise Service Bus and WSO2 API Manager.


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