10 Aug, 2018

[WSO2Con Asia 2018] Microservices, Containers, and Beyond

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Microservices, Containers, and Beyond

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Microservices, Containers, and Beyond

Lakmal Warusawithana Senior Director - Cloud Architecture, WSO2
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Microservices architecture (MSA) is here to stay. It is the natural evolution of SOA or as some call it, “it’s SOA done right”. Containers and container-based service deployments compliment and accelerate the adoption of MSA. Today you do not plan for maintenance windows in a production platform. You have blue/green type platform updates with strategies like traffic shadowing. All of that agility has become a reality with microservices, clean architectures, and container-based deployment and orchestration.

This talk is a discussion of what’s next in this highly agile, massively distributed environment. It will focus on fine tuned DevOps processes, governance, and observability in a massively distributed container native microservices platform.


Lakmal Warusawithana Senior Director - Cloud Architecture, WSO2

Lakmal Warusawithana is the Senior Director – Cloud Architecture of WSO2. Lakmal has a long history of working in open source, cloud, and DevOps technologies and has been Vice President of Apache Stratos PaaS Project. Lakmal is the core architect and key contributor for containerization and deployment orchestration of Ballerina, cloud native programing language. Lakmal has also presented at numerous events, including ApacheCon, CloudOpen, QCon, JaxLondon, Cloud Expo, Cloudstack Collaboration Conference, WSO2Con, and many tech meetups.


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