8 Nov, 2018

[WSO2Con EU 2018] Patterns for Building Streaming Apps

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Patterns for Building Streaming Apps

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Patterns for Building Streaming Apps

Sriskandarajah Suhothayan Director, WSO2
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As the world moves to an era where data is the most valuable asset, being able to efficiently process large volumes of data in real time can help to gain a competitive advantage for businesses. Then, making business decision within milliseconds has become a mandatory need in many domains. Streaming analytics play a key role in making these decisions and is also a vital part of the digital transformation of businesses.

WSO2 Stream Processor provides a high performance, lean, enterprise-ready streaming solution to solve data integration and analytics challenges. It provides real-time, interactive, predictive and batch processing technologies to deal with large volumes of data and generate meaningful decisions/output from it.

This session explains how to enable digital transformation through streaming analytics and how easily streaming applications can be implemented. Suho will discuss the following topics:

  • The Architecture of WSO2 Stream Processor
  • Understanding streaming constructs
  • Patterns of processing data in real-time, incrementally and with intelligence
  • Applying patterns when building streaming apps
  • Deployment patterns


Sriskandarajah Suhothayan Director, WSO2

Suho is a part of the architecture team that drives research and development efforts of WSO2's real-time analytics platform. His expertise is in stream processing and parallel computing solutions. He is the co-founder of WSO2 Siddhi CEP and was previously involved in driving WSO2 Complex Event Processor (now renamed as WSO2 Stream Processor) as a product lead. He also provides technology consulting on customer engagements and does part-time lecturing, mainly focusing on the analytics technology areas.


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