8 Nov, 2018

[WSO2Con EU 2018] The API-Driven World

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The API-Driven World

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The API-Driven World

Tyler Jewell CEO, WSO2
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APIs and integration is suddenly the hottest sector in enterprise software!

Tyler will discuss how APIs are touching every facet of our society and the underlying trends that are going to generate nearly 1 billion APIs in the coming years. All digital transformation is now API-driven and integration technologies underpin their evolution.

As the world becomes digitally-native, how will the role of enterprise architecture shift? How do we leverage cloud native and agility initiatives?
In this session, Tyler will discuss

  • The impact APIs are having on digital transformation
  • WSO2's roadmap for API-driven initiatives
  • A reference architecture for agility
  • A new agility methodology for integration
  • How microservices will pervade integration products
  • Our commitment and role of Ballerina (cloud native programming language)
  • New channel and reseller programs for partners.


Tyler Jewell CEO, WSO2

Tyler is CEO and Director of WSO2. He is an enterprise software leader and developer-centric investor. At Codenvy, he founded and built a category-leading cloud DevOps company acquired by Red Hat in 2017. Tyler created and led Eclipse Che, an open source Docker environment with contributions from the world's largest software companies. As a Toba Capital partner, angel, and board member, he's led $100 million in developer investments including Cloudant (acquired by IBM), Sauce Labs, Sourcegraph, ZeroTurnaround (acquired by Roguewave), InfoQ, and AppHarbor (acquired by Microsoft). Previously, Tyler held leadership positions at Oracle, Quest Software, and BEA.


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