9 May, 2024

Does Open Source Still Matter?

Open source was all the rage back in the 2000s, and organizations from startups to governments and software industry giants now have inextricable dependencies on it. Open source's ubiquity and reliability have made it a bit boring. But recently, new challenges are emerging regarding open source. Constant security vigilance, in particular, is seemingly at odds with a bottom-up development model that doesn't fund itself and frequently relies on volunteers. Bad actors have begun exploiting this (the #XZ problem), governments are recognizing it and attempting solutions (the CRA problem), and commercial funding sources seem to be diminishing (the VC problem). Despite these challenges, WSO2 maintains its commitment to open source and has developed a sustainable business model around it. The talk will conclude with some speculation about a brighter future for open source.


Jonathan Marsh

Jonathan Marsh

Vice President Strategy,

Jonathan was an active contributor to the development of Open Standards for web service specifications, representing previous employer Microsoft in developing standards around XML, XSL, and early Web Services specifications. In his current role, he is responsible for the implementation and evolution of WSO2's business model, including strategies for the licensing, packaging, and pricing of subscription services, as well as contributing to ecosystem strategies, which include channel partnerships and programs.