9 May, 2024

Freedom First—Unleashing Developer Potential with Open Source

Join Azeez, a seasoned architect and passionate Apache committer, as he explores the transformative impact of open source on developer freedom. In this talk, "Freedom First—Unleashing Developer Potential with Open Source," Azeez will discuss how open source paradigms empower developers with greater control, transparency, and collaboration opportunities. He will share practical insights on how adopting open source can accelerate innovation and foster a more dynamic and responsive development culture. This session is designed for technical decision-makers seeking to leverage the full spectrum of open source benefits in their projects and organizations.


Afkham Azeez

Afkham Azeez

Vice President and Deputy CTO - Cloud

Afkham Azeez, is a seasoned technologist with a distinguished career that began in 2005 at WSO2 as a senior software engineer. His contributions have spanned from open source projects at the Apache Software Foundation to leading strategic technology initiatives within WSO2, including the Carbon framework and cloud native technologies. An acknowledged expert in cloud solutions, Azeez is a Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA) & Certified Kubernetes Application Developer (CKAD), with a Master's degree in Computer Science specializing in software architecture from the University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka. Beyond his professional endeavors, Azeez enjoys outdoor adventures, tinkering with electronics, and is an amateur radio operator. His session on "Cloud, On-Premise, Hybrid: Finding the Right Balance" at WSO2Con 2024 draws from his extensive experience and passion for innovative technology solutions​.