WSO2 Customer Stories: Data Services in the Enterprise with Alfa Bank

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  • 9 Jul, 2012

WSO2: Dmitry, one of the things you talked about is having software that would allow you to focus on configuration and not programming. How has the Data Services Server helped you?

DL: Actually the data service is a simple XML configuration. To implement a Web service, you have to know SQL and understand how to configure the data service. We got our first service in a half an hour after installing the product. It’s a very easy product to use to start developing your SOA in your company, especially when you have a lot of functionality locked in different databases.

WSO2: Another thing you mentioned was that the community has been really important.

DL: I really appreciate the people that are helping us in the community, on the WSO2 forum. I don't even remember one question that remains unanswered. This really helps us to use WSO2 products.

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