Device Management for Connected Devices - Thursday, July 03, 2014

  • By Mohamed Usama Mansoor
  • 3 Jul, 2014
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IoT may overtake mobile devices in couple of years. There should be a way for these devices to be controlled in a way how mobile devices are managed. Industries like House Automation need a way to centralize the management of these IoT devices.

Why it needs to be managed ?

Ability to quickly diagnose,troubleshoot to track the internet of broken things and control it.

In this webinar Shanmugarajah Sinnathamby, director of mobile architecture at WSO2, will present how these connected device management will help organizations or individuals to reap the maximum benefit in a secured way.

Topics covered includes:

  • The need for centralized management of IoT devices
  • How IoT helps growth with security
  • Presenter
    Sinnathamby Shanmugarajah Director – Mobile Architecture, WSO2 Shan specializes in mobile technology with over 10 years of experience in that field. He has a strong background in telecommunication software development and is a hardcore coder in Android and iOS platforms. He also lectures in advanced Android and iOS application development. Prior to joining WSO2Mobile, he was working as the CTO/Director of Microimage Mobile Media for almost 15 years. He played a key role in engineering products where Microimage has won many local and international awards. He is also a Typographist and a specialist in local languages and font technologies. He worked as an external consultant to Microsoft, Sri Lanka and ICTA, Sri Lanka.