DevOps from a Developer Perspective - Tuesday, July 29, 2014

  • By Mohamed Usama Mansoor
  • 29 Jul, 2014
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DevOps practices and tools usually cover activities performed traditionally by members of operational teams. DevOps automate ops activities and provide developers with access to runtime environments with the click of a button. This simply offloads work from Ops, and makes Devs responsible for performing key operational tasks. Moreover, agile development environments make a developer’s workflow more efficient and productive as well.

Popular cloud environments (Amazon AWS, Google Cloud) do not provide DevOps environments with full life-cycle solutions that codify and automate Ops best practices. New platforms like Cloud Bees, Heroku, and WSO2 App Factory can bridge the gap between DevOps tools and developer deployment requirements, which leads to a more efficient and agile development environment.

Join Deependra Ariyadewa, senior technical lead at WSO2, on this webinar where he will discuss how WSO2 reduces the DevOps burden. The session will focus on

  • DevOps tasks, tools, and roles in software development
  • New DevOps tasks inherited by developers
  • A developer’s perspective of IaaS tools, such as Google Cloud and AWS
  • A comparison of WSO2 App Factory with Cloud Bees and Heroku from a developer’s perspective
Deependra Ariyadewa Technical Lead, WSO2 Deependra Ariyadewa joined WSO2 in December 2005. He is a technical lead on the development technologies team, focusing on cloud computing and big data. Deependra brings more than ten years experience in system administration, specializing in information system security, peer-to-peer networks, virtualization, and data analytics.