WSO2 Governance Registry: Connectors to the External World - Thursday, July 03, 2014

  • By Mohamed Usama Mansoor
  • 3 Jul, 2014
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WSO2 Governance Registry is a fully open source SOA integrated registry repository for storing metadata of numerous artifacts. Businesses are in need of a product like WSO2 Governance Registry to store and manage their artifacts in one single place. At the same time, enterprises require other products that use artifacts in their meaningful way in order to drive their businesses to the next level. In this connected business context, it's important to have one product working alongside other products in their respective domains. WSO2 Governance Registry is readily built to integrate and work with both WSO2 and third-party products.

In this webinar, Shazni Nazeer, senior software engineer at WSO2, will discuss how WSO2 Governance Registry could be connected and integrated with some external products, extending its functionalities. We shall particularly discuss how WSO2 Governance Registry could be connected and made to work with two other products from the WSO2 stack, namely WSO2 API Manager and WSO2 Business Activity Monitor. WSO2 Governance Registry supports integration and connections to other products in different ways depending on the context.

If you are an enterprise architect, developer, or someone interested in finding ways to connect an SOA-based registry solution to different products, this webinar is for you!
Shazni Nazeer Senior Software Engineer, WSO2 Shazni is a Senior Software Engineer in WSO2 and is a part of Governance Registry team. His main interests are in distributed computing, systems programming and compiler architecture. Prior to joining WSO2, shazni has worked in companies developing financial application and have developed high performance C++ applications. He is a graduate from University of Moratuwa and has a specialization in Electronic and Telecommunication Engineering.