Deriving Insights in Digital Enterprise

  • By Tasha Hettiarachchi
  • 19 Apr, 2017
On-Demand Webinar

Deriving Insights in Digital Enterprise

Wednesday, April 19, 2017
09:00 AM - 10:00 AM (PDT)
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Digital businesses are reimagining the technologies such as automation, analytics, cloud, and integration. These businesses are efficient, continuously optimizing, proactive, flexible and able to understand customers in detail. A key part of a digital business is analytics. It is the eyes and ears of the system that tracks and analyzes data to provide a detailed view on the past and the present, lets you predict the future for better decision-making and provides automated smart decisions in real-time.

This session will explore how WSO2 Smart Analytics:

  • Plays a role in your digital transformation journey
  • Collects and analyzes streaming data in real-time, incrementally and with intelligence
  • Communicates results effectively through dashboards and alerts
  • Builds solutions with WSO2 Data Analytics Server


Sriskandarajah Suhothayan Lead Architect and Associate Director, WSO2

Suho is a part of the architecture team that drives research and development efforts of WSO2’s real-time analytics platform. His expertise is in realtime event processing and parallel computing solutions. He is the co-founder of WSO2 Siddhi CEP and previously involved in driving WSO2 Complex Event Processor as a product lead. He also provides technology consulting on customer engagements and does part-time lecturing, mainly focusing on the analytics technology areas.