7 Nov, 2019

API Products: The Role of an API Product Manager

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API Products: The Role of an API Product Manager

Thursday, November 7, 2019
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Microservices, containers, and Kubernetes have made it very easy and convenient for anyone to deploy APIs as they please. While the exponential growth and popularity of APIs are doing wonders to the industry, the true value of APIs is often underutilized without a focused API product manager. APIs are created to address a particular technical need and it's the API product manager that utilizes it for strategic initiatives of the organization.

We will discuss the role of an API product manager and the benefits this role brings to an organization in this webinar. Discussion topics include:

  • APIs and their audiences
  • Utilizing APIs better by creating API products
  • Governing the lifecycle and usage of APIs
  • How API products makes life easy for API consumers


Bhathiya Jayasekara Technical Lead, WSO2
Bhathiya Jayasekara

Bhathiya is a Technical Lead in the WSO2 API Manager team, focusing on research and development of WSO2 API Manager and works with the WSO2 API Manager support team. He has worked with a number of customers to provide solutions and technical consulting in the API management space.

Uvindra Dias Jayasinha Technical Lead, WSO2
Uvindra Dias

Uvindra is a Technical Lead in the WSO2 API Manager team. His experience spans middleware, distributed systems, and consulting in the integration space. Uvindra enjoys contributing to products that are innovative and add value to customers.


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