28 May, 2020

An Entry Point to Impactful Open Banking Architecture

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An Entry Point to Impactful Open Banking Architecture

Thursday, May 28, 2020
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Banks in Europe, the UK, and Australia have been hard at work prototyping new use cases and operating models that leverage open data and collaboration. In regions like Africa, Latin America, and South and Southeast Asia, we are seeing customer demand and shifting expectations drive increased adoption of open banking models, even where regulation doesn't explicitly require it. A growing number of fintechs and “challenger banks” have emerged seeking to capitalize on customers looking for easier and more intuitive financial experiences.

Join our webinar where we’ll cover how you can make the most of these developments and invest in the long term. Discussion topics include:

  • Open banking fundamentals as relevant to systems design with reference to PSD2 specifications and the Australian Consumer Data Standards, along with related concepts from the GDPR regime.
  • Open banking reference architectures to create adaptable open APIs, open data, and open platforms for technical and business agility.
  • Leveraging internal capabilities and data to craft a competitive advantage.
  • Beyond open banking - Banking Product Design Canvas, the Banking 4.0: Digital Factory, and the SMB Capability Uplift.


Technical knowledge is required to fully benefit from the topics covered. However, how these technical concepts could best deliver business results would also be covered throughout the webinar making it relevant for project leads and organizational open banking champions.

Who’s this webinar for?

This webinar is designed for enterprise and solutions architects and project leads in financial institutions exploring API-led approaches to grow new business models.

Our goal is to help those in both regulated and unregulated early-stage open banking markets optimize their planned implementations, with a deeper understanding of architecture, deployment models, and organizational best practices.


Dassana Wijesekara Director - Solutions Architecture, WSO2
Dassana Wijesekara

Dassana is an Enterprise Software Architect, Fullstack Developer and Technology Evangelist with multidisciplinary skills and 18 years of experience in building, operating and evolving scalable enterprise systems. He is specialized in open banking and has helped multiple banks, credit unions and building societies to achieve compliance and provide more consumer centric products and experiences. He is an experienced coach and speaker in open banking, IoT, RIA and microservices. In his role, Dassana has provided consultation in business architecture, solution architecture & application design, data architecture and security architecture in many industry verticals which include banking & insurance, telecommunication, retail, logistics and government. He is an avid writer on technology publishing regularly on Medium and other platforms.


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