15 Apr, 2020

Federated APIs across Ecosystems

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Federated APIs across Ecosystems

Wednesday, April 15, 2020

APIs can be seen as the products of the 21st century. For many millennia, human trade was mostly directly between the producers and consumers of products. About 10,000 years ago trade evolved to incorporate multiple parties. APIs are going through a similar evolution.

Paul Fremantle, CTO and Co-Founder of WSO2, will examine why ecosystems, marketplaces, and federation are going to become key concepts in the API economy in the next 5 years, and why it matters for both internal APIs and external APIs. He will also present 5 different patterns for API Federation and explain why they might be important to you right now.


Paul Fremantle CTO and Co-Founder, WSO2
Paul Fremantle

Paul is known as the father of the Cloud Native computing concept and has a long history of working in open source and middleware, including work on Apache Axis2, Synapse and WSO2 Carbon. Most recently, Paul completed a PhD looking at how personal middleware can improve IoT security and privacy from the University of Portsmouth. He is a visiting lecturer at the University of Oxford, has published a number of peer reviewed articles and has two patents. Paul previously worked at IBM where he was an STSM.


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