WSO2: Driving Business Agility in Financial Services

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  • By wso2 wso2
  • 29 Jun, 2011

In order to achieve a truly agile and flexible business model and reap maximum benefits from perpetual change, financial firms should consider adopting four key business and IT best practices:

  1. leanness
  2. open source adoption
  3. service-oriented architecture (SOA)
  4. interoperability

WSO2 uniquely addresses these with WSO2 Carbon, the industry's first fully component-based, 100% open source, lean middleware platform.

WSO2 Carbon departs markedly from most other middleware products in which new capabilities have been layered on over the years, often requiring integration between products within the same platform because the products were developed separately. Built from scratch with SOA and interoperability in mind, Carbon-based WSO2 products communicate though platform-agnostic XML/SOAP-based Web services and REST bindings. As a result, the services stack in any WSO2 middleware product can be easily leveraged by different heterogeneous platforms, irrespective of their software or hardware.

With WSO2 Carbon, developers can start with a standard set of components such as those commonly needed in an enterprise, and use the Component Manager to simply point-and-click on any additional functionalities they want to use or extraneous components they wish to remove. As a result, IT groups no longer require to manage and host product features they do not need.

As a 100% open source middleware platform, WSO2 Carbon frees IT developers from the restrictions, complexity and cost of licensed software. Also, there's never a need to integrate Carbon products because the framework and unified graphical management console automatically recognize any new components. Additionally, there is no management overhead since all the products use the same core Carbon framework and management console. The result is a powerful platform that offers the same functional richness as the most advanced proprietary competitors along with the simplicity of a lean and high-performance runtime.

Today, many leading banks and financial institutions around the world use WSO2 Carbon middleware to improve the agility of their overall business operations. To read more on how WSO2 Carbon helps ensure business agility and to find out more about the successful solution implementations to banks and financial firms, please refer to the recent WSO2 white paper: WSO2: Driving Business Agility in Financial Services